That Moment When…

That moment you realize that you are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

This is not for everyone, this is for the prejudice human being who does not even realize that they are. This is for young lady that calls herself a bad female dog(b***h) or for the young man who calls he and his friends my N***a.

This is for the people that decide in order to get by I have to take it from someone else or for the people who decide that their race is supreme over everyone else’s and decides to mistreat people because of their beliefs.

This is for the person  who would rather take from the system instead of working their way out of it. This is for judicial system that does not work effectively. This is for the part of the government that does not focus on all people but a certain group of people for their own personal gain.

This is for the person who is waiting for a handout instead of fighting daily to get through your struggles. This is for the person who whines and complains but takes no action.

This is for that judgemental person that sits high and looks low but does not attempt to help those who truly need it.
This is for the people that will mistreat or disrespect a person because of who they love.

This is for the dad or mom who has no plans to help raise their children or be a positive influence in their lives. This is for the woman who allows herself to be treated disrespectfully for the sake of LOVE?! This is for the people who have taken from this world since day one and have no plan to give back.

This is for you! You drain this world of all of it’s potential, you take and you don’t give, you blame everyone else for your struggles, you give yourself excuses as to why you can’t do something. You bring negative into your own life and expect someone else to take it out.

You give someone your everything without respect for yourself and expect them to love, respect and appreciate you.

I could go on about who this is for but let me say this. This is not for the people who strive to be a productive citizen and create space for equality. This is not for the non judgemental person or people living out their purpose. This is not for the positive people who give more then they take and strive to be a better them daily, this is not for you.

WAKE UP! This is that moment when you realize the reason you are so unhappy. The reason you can’t move forward in life. The reason people treat you badly, the reason bad things happen to you.

This is that moment you realize you brought this on yourself. The moment you realize you are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

My rant!