6 things to do before joining a MLM and throwing away your money.

As I sit here thinking about how and why I got started in this business, it is not as nearly intriguing as the skepticism I have been met with by some of my closest friends. It is hilarious how some of the world is still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing.

While researching the concept that I am currently a part of I read so many different blogs about how it is a scheme, it is a fraud. Your asking poor people to sign up for vacation packages when they are concerned about their bills etc.

There is so much to be said about that mindset but that is also something I coach(Mindset Change). As a Life Coach, I coach people out of their own way in order for them to perform at their highest level in whatever area of their life they think is necessary. So I understand the reason people struggle to understand MLM’s. There are bad ones but not all of them are.

If your thinking about becoming a part of this type of business then you must prepare yourself mentally for the verbal beat down your gonna take from friends, family and even people you do not know. Understand that they are your biggest critics and skeptics for a reason they care about you and they don’t want you to be tricked into something that is not going to work or that is illegal and could get you some jail time.

So here are 6 things that you can do to avoid being scammed and to land into the best opportunity for you to earn some cash and possibly even become one of the top earners within your company.

1. Research companies that have a product that interests you.

What product are you comfortable promoting. World Ventures was easy for me because of the simple fact that it promotes a lifestyle of fun and adventure at discounted prices. I love to travel but I also want my family and friends to be able to go with me so what better way to tackle two issues that stop my family from enjoying life and experiencing beautiful places. Another reason was being able to give back through their voluntourism program.  So check into all MLM areas of the business and be sure that there is a product being paid for and that you are OK with the company and what they stand for.

2. Be Knowledgeable of what stage the company is in your interested in working with.

There are 4 different phases of growth that tell you multiple things about the company you may join. The phases are Formulation, Concentration, Momentum and Stability. Do your research to determine what seems to be the best phase to enter in a company for you.

3. Talk to people who are currently in Network Marketing and are familiar with the companies you narrowed your choices down to.

Even if you personally don’t know anyone there is bound to be someone out there who can help you figure out how to make your final decision. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and discuss your feelings and concerns about becoming your own boss in this industry.

4. Attend recruiting parties and speak to your possible upline team and be sure there are success stories that resonate with you and that you can see. Ask questions but most of all be sure that your upline will work with you to help get you going and to be sure that they are helping you reach your goals within this company.

5. Be clear of your goals.

Know what it is you want to achieve before you join. Is it just extra income or are you looking to become extremely rich. Knowing your goals will help you decide if a company is right to join or not.

6. Lastly, prepare yourself mentally to deal with the no’s and negativity from friends and family. If you have completed the five things above then your confidence level about your choice should withstand the verbal beat downs you will receive. That is at least until you can show them the money!

Be Blessed and Prosperous!!!

One Reply to “6 things to do before joining a MLM and throwing away your money.”

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I love this post! It’s true. People have automatic buttons about MLMs and usually don’t understand them. Doing the research is a really good thing. Also, if selling isn’t your thing, just enjoy the products. (Like I do.)

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